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Thread: Film your snow experiences this winter for a new documentary.

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    Default Film your snow experiences this winter for a new documentary.

    Dragonfly Film and Television Productions, the award winning producers of One Born Every Minute, are producing a new documentary for a major broadcaster about the effect that heavy snowfall has on our daily lives. Using footage shot by the Great British public, we will paint a complete portrait of how Britain reacts when the snow hits. From frozen pipes and closed roads, to snowball fights and school closures we want to feature every aspect of Britain in the big freeze.

    If you want to be part of this ambitious project then all you need to do is get filming. Whether you’re building snowmen, struggling to get to work or completely snowed in, if you’re affected by snow at all this winter then we want you to film your experiences and send the footage to us. You can film on whatever camera you have, including on your smartphone.

    For more information email

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    Maybe I can film some brits under hot summer sun here in Brazil.

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    Will you be paying for footage used? What copyright are you looking for?

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