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    I shot a video of hills near my town, and found the quality of the video isn't quite good. This was one of the higher end personal camcorders I found. So I don't believe it would be the fault of the camera. Please point out the problem from my side and suggest how can I resolve that. If required, I can upload the video.

    Here are three screenshots of the video:

    Thank you.

    PS: My hands tremble and the video shaking a bit can be seen .
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    A few things that might helps. Use a tripod, mono-pod or any thing that will will help to remove the camera shake. The camera will have some sort of anti shack option this may help. Learn how to use the camera in manual mode. This will, when practised, produce a better result. For example your shy is bland and white if you can manually adjust the iris you may be able to get a blue sky.

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    OK, probably raining over wet ground..... but did you set the camera to HD?? All HD cameras can also shoot in SD (standard resolution), so maybe you can check the menus/settings to see if that´s not the case. Tripod is (by far) the best investment you can make to jump from home shaky videos to good videos! And then you will discover that handheld is nice here and there....

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