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Thread: Distortion & shakiness after rendering?

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    Default Distortion & shakiness after rendering?


    Using Version 10.0c (Build 469)

    I rendered about 20 mins of a film. After taking a rather longer time than I had expected (first time rendering on sony vegas)....the outcome left me satisfied that I produced a movie, however I'm not happy with it. Every time the the camera moves, there is a real evident shakiness and distortion of picture. For example, like when it focuses on people there is a wave of distortion, that lingers, then it corrects, and if there is another different scene it distorts before going back to normal for a bit. But you know to look at it it ain't right. The footage shot originally does not contain this. The movie plays throughout and there is no problem with sound.

    I am completely lost.

    Can anybody offer any pointers.

    Hope my explaination is descriptive enough.



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    Quote Originally Posted by damson View Post
    Hope my explaination is descriptive enough.
    Hi Dam,

    It's fairly descriptive of the result but rather lacking in information. A bit like saying you decorated your house and now the colours don't look right, without telling us whether you used wallpaper or paint or what your walls are made of and what they were covered with in the first place.

    We need to know what format your source files are (codec, dimensions etc).
    What you have set your project properties to.
    How you are rendering (what type of file, what template, any customised bits that differ from the template)

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    Hi Tim

    I should have mentioned that I have two videos
    Main vid Video: 25.000 fps interlaced, 720x576x32, MainConcept MPEG-2 Audio: 48,000 Hz, Stereo, AC-3

    Patch Video: 25.000 fps progressive, 720x576x32, MainConcept MPEG-2, Audio: 48,000 Hz, Stereo, MPEG Layer 2

    There was a bad part in the main video and I used a video that had the good part.

    My project properties are
    Custom (720x480, 25.000 fps)
    field order non progressive scan
    pixel aspect ratio 1.0000 (square)

    PAL is what I want

    As far as rendering goes, I may have used the default template, normal recording quality
    Audio: 192 Kbps, 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, ATRAC3plus

    I downloaded GSpot, but I can't find a convenient way of saving the info in a text file. It showed me the filters used in rendering. As far as I can make out the main video has used more filters than the patch video. It has used the same line of filters, and then another line on top. This makes me think some of the filters used were unneccessary - set as default. This may have something to do with the ripples in the film.

    Here are the filters GSpot found

    For the main video;

    Main Concept MPeg Demultiplexer, Main Concept MPeg-2 Video decoder, Video Renderer (3)
    Main Concept MPeg Demultiplexer, AC3 Filter, Default Direct Sound Device (3)

    For the patch video;

    Main Concept MPeg Demultiplexor, AC3 Filter, Default Direct Sound Device (3)

    Hope some of this makes sense



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    Take a look at the rendering template you used and make sure it isn't interlaced.

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    How do I know if it was interlaced or not?

    File/Render As - I never changed these settings. Save as type ATRAC Audio aa3 was just the default. Should I change that to MainConcept MPeg-2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by damson View Post
    I downloaded GSpot, but I can't find a convenient way of saving the info in a text file.
    My preference in those circumstances is to use MediaInfo from MediaInfo
    It can export the details in various formats, eg: Text, XML, HTML etc.
    In it's 'text' mode, the line "Scan type" is intended to show whether the clip is progressive or interlaced.

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    According to Mediainfo, the scan type is interlaced.

    Should it be progressive? Does anyone know how to correct this?

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    You started off with progressive so it's probably best to keep it that way unless you are watching it on a TV.

    Open your project making sure the project properties match your source material. Now select the render type as you did before but this time click on the options button and change where it says lower field first to None progressive.

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    But the plan is to watch it on a TV. Does it matter much if I carry on with progressive?

    My project properties are progressive
    The main vid is Upper field first.
    The patch vid is progressive.

    Should I change the main vid from Upper field first to progressive?

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    For Standard definition video (which is what you are rendering) it should be lower field first for interlaced if you want interlaced video. You only choose Upper field first for High Definition video.

    TVs are good at processing interlaced video so it shouldn't matter which you choose but if your TV can view progressive, it might be better to keep it like that.

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