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Thread: LED lighting Lumi PAR 39, ( DMX )

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    Default LED lighting Lumi PAR 39, ( DMX )

    Have a few of these, but one is definately sick. Seems the processor board is dead.

    These are LED lights, used in Discos (or in my case to create a Disco film-set. The LEDS are RGB which are programmed using an external DMX programmer (to any one of a dozen colour shades), or can be switched to a static colour using the program buttons at the rear.

    Sadly the manufacturer appears only to deal with new sales - based in Australia, I've not found any UK-based dealers who might support the repair of this unit - or preferably, supply the pcb-part I require. The logic board uses surface-mount controller chip which is rather difficult to repair (even getting the program software would be commercially sensitive.).

    I wonder if any folks here have managed to revive these lights?
    LumiPar 39 1W

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    A very sad tale :(
    They appear to be a Chinese/HongKong company. These two sites look similar. "Dirk Linnenweber" appears to be the man to find!
    Lumicraft Company
    Multiform Lighting Mission
    And - if you are a Facebook User, then enquiries and comments and grumbles can be posted here Multiform Lighting | Facebook

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