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Thread: Advise for Multi cam editing software - synchronisation

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    Default Advise for Multi cam editing software - synchronisation

    Hi there,

    Which software would you recommend for the mixing & editing of several sources (max 4) of video AVCHD en AVI, Youtube (FLV), from music concerts.
    I see on the internet some programmes like Adobe Pro 6 and Magix Pro that they sync the clips based on the "wave" of the attached audio. The cheaper versions of these programmes has less sync tracks (I'm I right?)
    I also see/read about pluraleyes as a plugin.
    Good things are heard of FinalCutPro, but that's a Apple running software and my plastform is Visat32.

    But which editing program would you recommend?
    I'm a "prosummer" and investing (300) in software is no problem when it is realy good. Probably I have also to invest in my computer capacity to run everyting smootly.

    My platform: VISTA 32
    Intel core 2 Quead CPU Q6600
    2,40 gHZ
    4,0 GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD4870

    Many thanks in advance

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    no advise yet?


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    I don't know the answer.
    But you might find that one of the versions of Sony's "Vegas" may be suitable. Vegas Product Family Overview
    I believe they offer 'free' downloadable demos of their software.
    But, I am not sure about your specific requirement for syncing. Although it is common for such software to display the waveform of the audio part of a clip, syncing must often be done manually; and not semi-automatically (as offered by plugins such as pluraleyes).
    Adobe describe their method (for Premiere CS6) here: Adobe Premiere Pro * Synchronizing audio and video with Merge Clips (CS5.5 and later)

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    I totally agree with Tim. One thing to note is that Video editing software won't edit .flv files, they will have to be converted first.

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    if you want software that syncs automatically, PluralEyes is the only one I'm aware of. I have a friend who swears by it.

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    Thanks i'm aware of some options in the "PRO" software programmes but was looking for a programme like Pluraleyes with more connections to other editing programmes.
    On my searching path I found also something interesting from MAGIX (pro) which do also sync by wave form. Not always good but a nice start.

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    i use ppro and the latest version has decent multi-cam synch-- i dont use it myself because i grew up with 16mm film and synchronized "by eye" so this is still the way for me

    if i had a do-over i would go with fcp

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    Many thanks to all above for taking time to come back with your advises and suggestions.

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