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Thread: mine new Panasonic GH3

  1. Default mine new Panasonic GH3

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    I've heard really good things about the GH3. This is nice looking footage.

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    Looks good!! Tell us about lenses etc...

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    Looks really good, nice looking footage! Like Tony, I'd love to hear more about the lenses you used if that's possible.

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    thanks thanks!!Yes the lens is Auto Chinon 135mm 2.8

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    It's the first time I've heard about Chinon. Isn't that a very old lens? How do you get it to work on a DSLR, using an adapter? And where did you buy it? Ebay shows it at a price of 25$ which is crazy cheap!

    PS: Would it be possible if you could give us access to some files straight from the camera so we could try to edit them and test the quality of the lenses' sharpness, image, etc?
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    yes with convertor 4/3 m42 baionet yes yhei are cheep lens bad very good just the cropfactot is too big with the convertor end then chench the focallength end you loose lith

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