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Thread: None of the gear... and no blinkin' idea!?

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    Default None of the gear... and no blinkin' idea!?

    Hi everyone

    Firstly, apologies for what probably seems a completely stupid question (I have referenced the 'Please read this before posting' sections), but I'm stuck - in a big way!

    I've just purchased Magix's Movie Edit Pro 2013 + software to run with a new Samsung HMX-F80 camcorder (only to capture and edit basic family/memorable moment stuff - I'm no aspiring producer/professional), but having transferred the files to my laptop (using a SDHC card), the video stutters and stammers when being viewed.

    The spec of my laptop is as follows:

    PB Notebook, Intel Celeron 743 @ 1.30 GHZ
    RAM: 3.00 GB
    64 Bit, running Windows 7

    ... Before I delve further into possible causes of this issue (I don't know where to start, to be honest), is the laptop 'man enough' for the job?

    Thanks in advance for guidance/assistance/opinions.


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    This seems purely do to your hardware not being powerful enough to decode the video for editing. It's not the fault of the software. I wouldn't recommend anything less than a quad core size processor for editing HD footage. A notebook will struggle. The only other option is to reduce the quality of the video. You may be able to create "Proxy files" for the editing but I don't use Magix's software so can't advise further.

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    Yep, seems to be lack of processing power. Video is hard to please!! Even much bigger machines will get into trouble sometimes. Graphic/video cards are a must, and most laptops with similar specifications lack this, using on-board cards. Look for I5/I7 processors, 8 to 16g ram, NVidia cards with at least 1gb memory..... Editing is a great pleasure, but you need better tools for that.

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    That's an interesting response Tony. In my experience the graphics card has little impact unless specifically used by the NLE. For example nVidia cards used by PRemiere. My laptop editing obsession has led me to a happy zenith in my setup: I have a Ssd boot drive, with a scratch disk operating where the optical drive once sat. The disc is a Seagate momentus. The system boots in seconds, applications open as soon as I command, and files load into Premiere in an instant. AVCHD editing is a breeze, even with effects.

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    I tought about mentioning SSDs (I run and love them too!!!), but they are a bit away (at least here in BR) from most users (I hate to sound this posh). But, by far, one of the best ways to speed-up things today perhaps.... But I also noticed a great boost when I jumped from an average video card to a more massive one last year... The fact is that, no matter what we add, there will always be a bottleneck somewhere in the system. My wife is a laptop lover too, so we´re always comparing machines.... She wants a SSDed machine now!!!

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