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    After a while a new clip, some feedback would be cool.. I my self am not satisfied with the result :/

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    [video=youtube;IZSu35gV3nI]I my self am not satisfied with the result :/
    What are you not satisfied with? Then we shall know which aspects are not worth offering feedback?

    I watched the entire 40 second clip (which included 14 secs of titles and credits). It appears to be a collection of scenes from a computer game (in some scenes we even get to see the unreadable and useless on screen data (e.g. top right of frame 0:17)). Some of the scenes appear to have had additional video effects applied (some look pretty); and the clip is accompanied by some music. Neither the original games' manufacturer or the music artist are credited. Some of the scenes look over exposed, most had washed out looking colours. There is no attempt to convey a story, other than people shooting other people.

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    Haha, I actually asked for feedback about the Visual Effects, color correction, motion, flow (scenes fit to the music) and all those things you should improve in a "game edit".

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