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Thread: is it possible to cut videos/frames in half then join them together?

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    Default is it possible to cut videos/frames in half then join them together?

    hey guys, i have 2 videos and i want to cut them both down the middle, and join the right side of one with the left side of the other. is it possible to do this in sony vegas or some other software? i also have the frames, so i could also do it from them then make the vid. i have adobe fireworks. i would greatly appreciate any help, atm my option is to cut and join the frames manually but there is about 4000 so it will take forever lol. thank you

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    I've read your post but don't understand what end result you are after, can you clarify.

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    Sure. I'm making a video of some gaming footage. When I play back the demo there's a bug which causes a small flashing red light on the left of the screen, and I want to get rid of that. There's an option to clear the HUD in the game which clears the light, but also clears some things on the right of the screen which I want to keep. So I've recorded two identical videos, but one with the HUD and one without it. And I basically want to connect the left of one video, and the right of the other. Hope that makes sense :/

    I think I might be able to do it with pan/crop on Sony Vegas, I'm fiddling around with it now and if it works I will post it here.

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    If I understand you, this is quite simple so long as the two videos are really identical. Place the two events on two separate tracks over each other the one with the red blob on the top track. Mask out the offending red blob on the top video track. That should do the trick.

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    brilliant, that worked perfectly. thanks you very much

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