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Thread: Opinions Appreciated - Video of Comet staff before redundancy

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    Talking Opinions Appreciated - Video of Comet staff before redundancy

    Hey guys, recently got into video editing and have found a love for it, here's the latest video i've made, i've gone for a short film approach. Constructive opinions very much welcome, want to know how I can improve!


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    Despite being surrounded by many wheeled trolleys and flat floors, the camera operator appears to wander around, rather aimlessly, prefering to hand hold the camera and walk around, lurching from side to side.
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    Yeah, that's because I recorded it all on my phone what with me being at work and me being in no way a professional cameraman

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    If you get a chance to do it again, I suggest lightly taping the camera to the handles of one of the trolleys; then walking around. That would almost certainly remove alot of the unpleasant camera movement.
    I agree, avoiding camera shake (while walking) is difficult. Although pro's can afford specialist equipment, the rest of us can improvise with things around us. A recent post in this forum used a camera attached to a bicycle to get some impressive moving camera shots of a beach.
    You are rather lucky. You have a selection of interesting sized trolleys; and a good flat surface. And if you are lucky, the wheels of the trolley will turn smoothly (and perhaps even better with some WD40).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    If you get a chance to do it again, .
    I was thinking the OP would have to be extremely unlucky to end up working for another electrical retailer that goes into liquidation.

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