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Thread: Using the crop feature in sony vegas - what can I do?

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    Default Using the crop feature in sony vegas - what can I do?


    In the middle of a project or a vision if you like. Decided to settle and use Sony vegas pro 10, after dabbling with pinnacle a bit. Used the tutorial videos on youtube, so I'm up to speed to a certain degree. It's a real hit of technology and capability, but I hope I know enough to carry out my vision.

    Wondering if some of the members know anything about cropping? When I imported the video the outcome was a green/red hue on the right hand side of the screen throughout. Not much but enough to disrupt the eye. The bottom had like what could resemble a squashed peice of the film, again not much. This could have happened for many reasons. The original was 8mm tape, which I recorded through a dvd recorder onto disk. The outcome of which was good on the normal television, but no matter what I tried with property settings etc this is the way it would always come out. I tried very hard to match the capture formats, and vegas helped with a pop-up when I was rendering the video from the disk - the settings where different and I ticked the box for vegas to match these up.

    Anyway I can't think of anything to make this right and I've put it down to an old camcorder tape and old aspect ratio's.

    This brings me to my question. When I crop in sony vegas I only want to cut the right and bottom sides. It's bad loosing this but the top and left hand side are lost also. Is there a way in vegas to just crop the right and the bottom sides?

    As a secondary question, just thought of it. Is there a way to find out the details of the footage I have on the disk so I can match the properties better for vegas to import? For some reason though I feel I'm left with this blurred problem.

    Hope someone can help with the cropping issue.

    It would be a huge help. Even to know that vegas only crops the way it has been presented to me already.

    Thanks for any help.


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    I found a few solutions to the 2nd problem

    A program called format factory has advanced features to manifest this info and I also found a way on vegas. File/Properties and theres a match media button on the top right hand corner that can tell you all the details of your media. I'm converting Mpeg-1 to Mpeg-2 via another program. There is probably no need to do this either.

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    to match settings

    Open the properties box ALT+ENTER
    On the far right of where it says “Templates”, there is folder icon, open that up.
    Navigate to the clip that you are unsure of the settings and highlight it & press open

    The properties box should now show you the correct settings for the file
    (How do I select the right Project Template? - Sony Vegas Portal)

    to crop, you can uncheck the box's on the left of the pan/crop box, but be careful as you may loose the correct aspect ratio.
    You could leave them as they are do your crop/zoom and move the box (F) to the right part of the screen

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    You know, I never even noticed them box's there. The second method is a little more trickier, but perhaps worth the effort. Thanks. I trust there will be no rendering heartache for doing either?

    I don't like to bump this thread, hope nobody minds.

    I have tried for a good hour and a half to get my preview screen working. I was doing some trimming and imported an avi file and placed it in amongst my timeline which is Mpeg-2. I think around this time the pre-view screen went black. I saved my work and closed the program and restarted, and it just ain't working anymore, no matter what I've tried. Searched the forum and read an unfinished discussion of a similar problem. Any ideas?



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    After another look through the forums I found the answer. The video was muted.....pheeew. I thought I might have needed to re-install the program.

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