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Thread: MY 2# Video. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro11

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    Post MY 2# Video. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro11

    Hey guys. i need some help to make my videos better.
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    With YouTube videos I don't think it's a good idea to put your logo at the beginning that may or may not be valid, it's just my personal opinion, put it at the end. For the casual viewer this video is far to long to hold interest. It's really just 8:52 mins of one shot. Yes there are a couple of transitions but it just goes from you on a bike to the same shot of you on a bike. What would have been better is if you do one run with the camera on your helmet. Then put it in a different place and do the run again. Then repeat this a few times. This will give you a number of different shots to choose from to mix around in the edit.

    Another point I have an issue with is when I see a video like this I expect to hear the engine it seem odd to see it without the ambient sound. I don't want to overwhelm you with things, so take these initial points and make a better video next time.

    With this video you took us on a journey but it didn't really go anywhere so next time try to put in a start, middle and an end so we feel we have joined you on the journey.

    Hope these points help.

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    Thanks for the Tips I think i will make a new video of me riding, But the problem is all the snow :/ so i have to wait to the next summer. but i will take new shots and maby some new angles? How long do you think a video should be? And im also alot confused with all the transitions, ive tried some of them out, but i think most of them look a little wierd. The reason why i cut the sound out is because of all the white noise, sure you hear the bike sometimes but the wind messes everything up.

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    I understand about the wind noise look up the work "Foley" on Google. It may help with that problem.

    Transitions are not really the way to go to make your videos look better. Most professional videos/films just have straight cuts.

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