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Thread: Hey Guys. NEW at editing. Need some pointers.

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    Post This is my first video i edited!

    Hey Guys This is my first video i edited! im new at editing and i need your pointer to get better. Here is the first video i edited with Sony Vegas.
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    My reply to your other thread applies to this video as well.

    You could do with some external shots. Put the GoPro on the side of the lake and ride past it. I know with a GoPro you can't zoom but you can ride close to the camera and farther away to give you some variety of shots.

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    Yeah i see what you mean when i look at the clips. Well this is two of my first videos edited with Vegas. So i guess i cant be pro form the start. ive read alot of you´re comments and in my opinion i think you know what you´re talking about. I got a raft at that lake so i should maby try filming from it?

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    I'm still learning, like everyone else but thanks for the compliment. I think filming from the raft would be a good idea.

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