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Thread: I want to create a complex DVD Menu

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    Default I want to create a complex DVD Menu

    Right now the two programs I have are Adobe Encore and Sony Vegas, but I can get more if I need them. Here's what I want the menu to do:

    I want to open my video and have it play, but I want four buttons to be constantly visible on the video that are titled "CH1" "CH2" "CH3" etc. When I click one like CH1, it takes me to a certain spot in the video, but the menu is still available.

    Simply, I want a menu that is always visible through the entire video. How do i do this? I'm such a noob I cant even figure out how to add a menu to the timeline

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    Can't comment on Encore. Sony Vegas does not author DVDs with menus. Sony DVD Architect and DVD Architect Studio (usually included with Sony Vegas Pro or Sony Vegas Movie Studio respectively) are the tools for burning menued DVDs.

    Basically the DVD spec does not allow for a menu to be visible when playing a DVD.
    But we may be able to cheat in DVDA (not sure about DVDA Studio)

    Rather than make your "Chapter" buttons link to a section of a film, they could each link to another menu. You then set the backgound media for each menu to be video for that chapter.

    But do you really need to do this? Why not simply save chapter points along your film and ely on the viewer understanding the "skip chapter" control on their remote.

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