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Thread: Resizing a project - Vegas 5

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    Default Resizing a project - Vegas 5

    Hi all

    I'm new to video editing and have Vegas 5. Is it possible to resize a project? I have tried various things but when I play the clip in Media Player it is always the same size :(. Basically it's a clip of a club event and it's a wee bit big. So any ideas or suggestions on making the clip smaller as I would like to post it on our club forum without bankrupting those on dial-ups.

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere - I did do a search - but couldn't find the answer.

    Thanks it's a great forum and have learnt alot already.

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    Try exploring the settings when you go to 'Render As'

    Look around the tabs, use `custom`, play, learn and see how you go!

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