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Thread: [Sony HDR-PJ30VE] Recording bright/dark scene?

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    Question [Sony HDR-PJ30VE] Recording bright/dark scene?


    Using a Sony HDR-PJ30VE camcorder and the default parameters, I recorded this conference where the speaker is not well lit (face mostly in the dark, hands lit by desk lamp).

    Do you think I could have done it better by shooting in manual mode? If yes, which parameters could I try the next time I have to shoot in the same context?

    Thank you.

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    I think you were lucky to get what you got and I doubt whether using manual setting would have improved much in this instance. I would have shut down the aperture (iris) a little. This would have resulted in an overall darker image, but would reduce the "blown out" areas which to my mind are far uglier than rather dark sections. Also once an area is blown out there is nothing you can do with it in post, whereas you can sometimes improve the acreas of darkness.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll check if the aperture/iris on that camcorder can be changed in manual mode.

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