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    Hi. I hope someone can help me.

    I am trying to convert a VHS to DVD. I am using iMovie to capture the video and I have connected my VHS played to my Mac via a Canopus ADVC-55 convertor. Now when I connect the convertor and VHS player with 3 RCA leads it works fine. When I connect it with a S-Video lead + 2 RCA leads, the video on iMovie is black and white. Why is this? I am quite a newbe to this and would really appreciate some advice



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    I've been puzzled by this, too. It happens occasionally when I use my rt.x 100 to capture from VHS, using Ppro 1.5.

    Using 'S' video is supposed to be better. However, using 3 RCA leads (composite, left & right audio) my captured video is perfect quality, so I never bothered digging any deeper.

    Are you finding your captured footage isn't quite up to snuff?

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    VHS and its derivatives (VHS HQ, S-VHS ET etc.) uses a Composite video signal, the one that is sent through RCA leads, it can not work with S-Video connections (which separate luma and chroma).

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