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    Angry Text Problem

    I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0, and the text doesn't work. It just doesn't show up. It doesn't show up in new projects, it doesn't show up in old projects with text in them that worked before, nothing. By this I mean that the text doesn't show up in the preview, or in the media generators section. The options are there, but they're all just boxes of transparency. I can edit the text and crop it and all that jazz, but it won't show up in preview. I attached a photo showing what I mean about it not showing up in the media generator section or the preview.picture of vegas.JPG

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    Hmmm, you have a serious issue. I can't even see the Text in Sample in the Project Media Pane?!

    You could try:

    1/- A Factory Reset: Hold down the Ctlr+Shift keys as you fire-up Vegas.

    If that doesn't cure it, then try:-

    2/- A complete uninstall and reinstall.

    Of course you'll loose any settings and you'd have to reinstate them. You do have a current Serial, yes?

    Then there's:-

    3/- A System Restore going to the latest restore point.

    In any event, there isn't a "switch" that'll turn what you have at present "off", back "on". It's all pointing to a bad or sour Vegas platform.

    Not much help this, but I've had this from time to time. Normally I've got away with 1/- above. Rarely it'll be 2/- .

    . . . ... . . .

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