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Thread: Blu-Ray with menus

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    Hi Everybody, I'm back again with another question. Is it possible to burn a blu-ray disc with menus using Movie studio HD platinum.

    Thanks..... Roy

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    yes. See the program's online Help and Burning a Blu-ray Disc with DVD Architect Studio. You should have got DVDA Studio with the Platinum package.

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    Thanks for that, yes I have DVDA I must be doing something wrong I will look at online help.


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    When you fire up DVDAS it normally puts up a set of help tutorials . . . . I'm sure this will include BD and Menues - then the Show Me How will guide you over the screen. You'lll need a couple of Rendered files to do this (ie for Two titles). This tutorial will be off-line and waits until you complete the next action.
    It's a good scheme as it doesn't allow you to cheat, or take shortcuts (other than "Quit".).

    Good luck.

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    I have found the problem, when I sent the video's from movie studio to DVDA they were converted to dar. files which didn't work. After importing from explorer as mpeg2 all went well until I tried burning a Blu-Ray disc when I got a (warning: an error occurred while writing a file. The file could not be created). Any ideas or sugestions would be very much appreciated. I do not get this message when burning to a DVD.

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    Please don't take this the wrong way BUT do you have a Bluray Burner and not just a DVD burner ?

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    Yes I have a new LG burner, just burned a quick single short video last week and that worked ok.

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    from a previous thread I gather you want to burn DVD projects to Blu-ray?

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    I have a 1080p HD camera and want the best possible quality. I have had a few teething problems editing with movie studio and the files are currently on an SD card, I wonder if this could be the problem.

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    Movie Studio HD Platinum will not create a bluray with menus AND 5.1 surround sound. Could this be the problem? You will also need to use 1080i

    The freeware MultiAVCHD will do all of this and more. It's hard to use but it does work and will reward your patience. You can also make AVCHD discs on an ordinary DVD for use in a Bluray player. ::: multiAVCHD home :::

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