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Thread: How do I join two videos (or more) together?

  1. Default How do I join two videos (or more) together?

    Not how do i make one play after the other, but how would I join two videos side by side? Fully Synchronized, and in the same place while the new video plays at each second, looking for any free (or free trial) software which can do this.

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    Do you mean you want them to play at the same time on a split screen OR one play until the end, then the other starts ?

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    play them at the same time next to eachother without any border, so i guess split screen

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    Because of the aspect ratio (dimensions) of the video I doubt you would be able to show them without any border. You can do split screen work in most video editing software that is reasonably priced 30/40 but I know nothing about free software. May be Windows Movie Maker can do it.

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    It can be done for free, using FFMPEG, if you don't mind using a Windows Command line.
    I have just done it. It worked for me.

    Download the latest build from Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds
    Used the syntax (and adjust where required) in answer#1, here: FFMPEG 2 Videos transcoded and side by side in 1 frame? - Stack Overflow

    If you have not used ffmpeg before, put the app into the same folder as your 2 clips, Open Windows command line, point to wherever the app is located. And, after copying the command line from the web page, remove all 'carriage returns' before pasting it into the command line.
    As that poster explains : "the first video is shrunk by half, and padded to its original size. The second video is shrunk by two thirds and overlayed on the right half (padding area) of the first one.". After examining the command, it should be clear how to amend the 'two thirds' section to 'a half'.

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