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Thread: Request: A fast and easy software for adding subtitles.

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    Default Request: A fast and easy software for adding subtitles.

    Hi there!
    Today i have to add subtitles to 4 videos,each 30 mins long. We all know how to add subtitles on Premiere or Vegas,but for 2 hour footage this would take ages !

    Does anybody knows other software in which you can add subtitles faster ?

    Little idea.. Remember when you download movies with subtitles (notepad .sub or .srt files) - that would be easy - to write the frames in notepad file, but then i would need a program to insert and overlay with the ready video ?

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    How about using Vegas to create the Titles and then use TSmuxeR to join the vids. That way Vegas will take little time and TSmuxeR is lightning fast. (possible a few minutes only .. . . way less that using Vegas to rener the whole thing.

    However, you are getting close to the limit on a sp DVD - or are you going to put it on BlueRay, perhaps?

    By using Vegas (eg Movie Studio v112) you will get fully complient m2ts files and the ability to have animated titles and effects. This may help "polish" the whole.
    You might like to try adjusting the text opacity and colour too . . . so it better matches the video.

    For music, you may be able to mimic some of the film's content - or do a picture in picture so as to give the viewer something like a preview - so they hardly notice the titles aren't actually part of the main picture.....
    Aim to make it look like "one" production . . .
    -that's my Take, FWIW.

    Good Luck.

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    Have a look at this free programme Subtitle workshop

    Hope this helps

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