Hi, I have been playing around with studio now for about a month and have managed to make a couple of small home movies so far.

However I am having a problem with roll and crawl titles.

firstly roll titles, is it possible to reverse the direction of the roll. I have read through the manual a few times and hunted through all the menus but with no luck.

secondly crawl titles, with a roll title it seems whereever you position the text on the screen when you create it is where it stops unless you add a few spaces or carriage returns to make it go off screen.
But with the crawl titles they just come on one side and straight off the other. I wanted to get a title to crawl left to right stop and then go back off the way it came.
any help would be much appreciated.

sorry this is a bit lengthy for a first post by the way.

Also wanted to say what a great forum this is. I have alreeady learnt a few things from reading the posts.