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    I have been using SV Studio Platimum 10 to edit videos from a Go pro 1 and Sony Handycam. I now intend to upgrade to a Gopro 3 which has a number of additional resolutions and framerates as well as the option to use Protune. I use my gopro for Windsurfing and currently almost exclusively use 960/25 but faster frame rates are useful to me. Go pro 3 offers 4k/15fps 2.7k/30fps 1440/48fps 1080/60 , 720/60 and 720/120 in addition to the more normal res/frame rate options. Does anyone know if these would pose any problems importing direct to SV Studio 10 and/or how best to handle them? Out of all the options I am most interested in 1080/60 and 720/60&120 settings and would probably not use protune. Thanks

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    That's an interesting point. I know the 1080/60 is fine. You can set 120 as a frame rate in the project properties but I've never had 120 fps footage to test it. I actually don't know if you would have to change the 120 frame rate video to 60 fps for Vegas to be able to cope with it correctly. I'm interested in other peoples views about this.

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    Thanks.....I assume if 1080/60 is OK then 720/60 should also be OK? To be honest those are the 2 settings I am most likely to use. My mate has a a Gopro 2 which has 960/48 which is a bit of a strange frame rate. I used "match media" when I brought it into a project but I am darned if I could get a decent render quality...told him not to use it again!!
    So in terms of changing 120fps ( 100fps I assume if set to PAL) to 60 ( 50 on PAL) how would you recommend doing that? I have VLC but have only ever used it as a viewer/player, and also a basic version of Cineform ...but that is very buggy.
    Is there any benefit in upgrading v10 to whatever the latest version is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerb View Post
    Is there any benefit in upgrading v10 to whatever the latest version is?
    Generally speaking, the newer camera you have, the newer software you need. Movie Studio Platinum 12 (latest version) is currently (ex VAT) at 32.21 (SCS store, upgrade download) or 35.61 (Amazon, new package) to give a couple of examples.
    See some discussion here

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    Hi all,

    re 120 fps ( 100fps PAL) I have learnt from another forum that you have to render these clips separately ( @60/50 fps) and then re import them to the project with other 60/50fps clips.


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