I'm trying to find the right settings that lets me convert a video into a sharp iPod Touch format. In doing so, I was looking for the best video converter available and came across Freemake Video Converter and Super. Luckily, the two best video converters are free. However, in converting the same video in their default settings, both are not as clear as trying to convert with Xilisoft Ultimate Video Converter (trial). I even tried to change the settings to match Xilisoft's as much as possible.

How can I obtain the best quality on the iPod Touch? Thanks.

P.S. Should I use Freemake Video Converter or Super? From the wiki page comparing video converter software (Comparison of video converters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), it says that Super can convert without transcoding, so I assumed that is better tahn Freemake Video converter.

Thanks once again.