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Thread: Fire. Help with Particles?

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    Exclamation Fire. Help with Particles?

    hey guys i had a quick question... im using sony vegas pro 12 and adobe after effects to edit a music video for a friend... he tells me he wants to shoot a scene next week that sounds something like this... a man walks into a room, a room with only 4 walls, everything is pure white. just a pure bright white room with 4 walls... he starts writing on the walls... a time lapse takes place and we see him moving very fast writing and writing and then all of a sudden he stops (we are now back to real time)... he is standing in front of all of this writing in the room... when all of a sudden the walls start to go up in flames in slow motion... a slow moving fire (almost like what you would expect from the begining of a napalm explosion) in slow motion as he stands there and the fire engulfs the walls...

    now i know how to accomplish everything up until the point of the fire... i have worked with some pre-keyed effects from "demolition films" but i need this to look proffessional... i would assume i would need to start using particles in Adobe After effects, but i am virtually clueless on where to begin, as i have never used particles before... how should i go about this? and is there anything i should do in the filming process that would make this sort of effect easier to edit in post production?

    also, i have found the PERFECT example of how it should look when its done... this is a scene from a movie called "Law Abiding Citizen"... this is literally a PERFECT example... Law Abiding Citizen - Codigo de Conduta - The End - Spoiler - YouTube

    let me know what you guys think, any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    In my limited opinion, I don't think the Particle system in AE is suitably good for that quality of fire. The AE examples I have seen have been less impressive. The (even more expensive) 'Trapcode' plugin may likely give a better result.
    There may be some (doublessly useless) 'tutorials' on Youtube for AE, possibly using a mixture of an AE particles/fractal noise/gaussian blur and timewarp.
    I shall be interested to learn which method you finally choose.

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