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Thread: Muay Thai highlight clips

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    Default my second Muay Thai highlight clip


    im new to this forums, and also new to video editing. Ive made two clips myself and i must say i really love doing it and i feel like i can be very good at this someday. The quality isnt the best but i hope you like it.
    here is my video :

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    Not bad. Most importantly every shot counted - which is a good result for a video that long of one subject.
    You've also got a bit of a narrative going.
    You're obviousl aware of the aspect ratio issue.
    The opening "training" section suffered from too many jump cuts - shots of the same subject from the same angle. Next time, make sure you shoot from more than one angle and get a mix of close, mid and long shots then these will cut together in a more pleasing manner. Another solution, which is not inappropriate for this type of "action" film is to use a fast "flash" or similar transition.
    The fight section was better as you had different angles and differemmt focal lengths. It took me a few seconds to realise these were also different fights! I foud this confusing and I think more should have been done to make that clear to the viewer (eg longer sections of each fight to establish the boxers and locations before the shorter cuts.
    Camerawork wasn't bad. There were some slightly dodgy moves left in in the longer sections, but at least tehre wasn't much waving around of the camera. I'd have liked to have seen many more close-ups. These really add to the intensity and drama of sporting moments and are very useful cutaways as they can almost be added anywhere in the fight.
    I didn't feel you cut sympathetically to the music - if you cut to the beat (and especially if you can match the peaks and troughs) you'll find the music enhances the video rather than just feels like it's been stuck on to give some audio.
    But it kept my interest (and I dislike boxing!) so well done.

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    thank you for your long review. Im a beginner i know the flash effects would have been really cool, il try to mix it up a little more for my next video, by then im much more advanced in video making big thanks again for the review

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