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Thread: Hd recorder microphone issue

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    Default Hd recorder microphone issue

    Hi, i have a mini hd recorder for doing ome onboard video in cars. the picture quality is excellant but the microphone is terrible. i put a bid of padding on the microphone and secure it firmly to a solid place in the car. Its like it is too sensitive. The recorder ha sensitivity settings from 1 - 7 and i have it on the lowest and it still crackles. Just wondering if i could change the microphone to a better one would it work or am i being to fussy, here is a link to the video, i tested it in a guys car who was racing...... 09-09-12 Time Attack Final, Darrell Scully, Honda Civic 1.8, Heat 1 - YouTube also this is the microphone im using..... External MiniDVR HD Helmet Camera Mic | Camera Microphones | DogCam Sport

    Also here is a pic of the hd recorder...
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