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Thread: Adding projects to the timeline

  1. Default Adding projects to the timeline

    Hi again, can anybody please tell me how to add a second and third project to the timeline. I am using Movie Studio HD Platinum.
    Thanks, Roy

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    for nested projects you need Vegas Pro.
    See these threads for more and a solution.

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    Thanks for the reply vk mast. Does that mean that I can only have one project on the timeline and finish up with a tiny fraction of the blu-ray disk used. I wanted to burn two or three video's projects to at least use most of the disk space. Thanks, Roy

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    You should have DVD Architect so you can add each completed video file into that until the disk is full or follow the advice from the Creative Cow Forum.

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    Thanks again, I will give that a try, I'm a bit new to this as you might have gathered.


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    Make as many projects, as seperate projects in Movie Studio HD Platinum and then add them into DVD-A as menu items, just keep an eye on space required.

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    Thanks a lot guy's you have put me on the right track

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