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Thread: Images put into Vegas render too Dark

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    Default Images put into Vegas render too Dark

    I'm having a little problem with Vegas, it's rendering my raw video files fine, but I've been using some .PNG files in some of my projects so I can put the odd image in, but it's making my blacks darker than the original image for some reason, and adjusting brightness in the original image sometimes screws up the non-blacks. Also skin colour came out much brighter than the original image...

    Example from this morning, the picture came out pretty much alright when rendered, but the black coat one of my characters was wearing was a solid black, rather than a much lighter shade of black with visible dark black lineart. Is there a reason the image became darker on rendering? And is there a way to stop it.. or to possibly turn up the image's brightness in vegas itself?

    The image looks absolutely fine in the Vegas preview I'd like to add, just like the original image.. (Original Image also looks fine on my Monitor and my Plasma screen when viewed in image programs)

    I'm using Vegas Pro 10
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    If you have an AMD graphics card try looking at the settings in Catalyst. I had a bit of an issue with this sort of thing and found setting to "use video player settings" and not "use AMD settings", helped with this. I don't know if this is your issue. You should also realise that having your project setting for the pixel format higher than video level can cause issues with some displays.

    Also test to see if this happens with other CODECs. I found it was worse with HDV mpeg2 but hardly noticeable if rendered to .avi. I'm not saying these points are causing your issues as this is all just guess work.

    Hope these pointers help.

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    I do actually have an AMD, an ATi Radeon HD... Catalyst control centre is hell to navigate though, where might I find those settings? (Looked everywhere, I saw nothing like what you have :/ )

    Codecs seem to be a no go, still the same. Sigh.. this is really bugging me.
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    Open the Catalyst control centre and click on the item called video. It should be the first item on the screen.

    The colour space settings are found on the project tab of the customise settings of the render templates. BUT I don't think your version of of Vegas has this option anyway. I've never altered these setting from the default and haven't found it to be an issue. What about your project settings ? is your pixel format set higher than video level as can cause issues with some displays especially older LCD/plasma TV's.

    The only other think I can think of to look at is to calibrate your display and TV.

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    All the things under Video in Catalyst are set to 'Use application settings'. My pixel format is at 8bit, I tried the other two settings just to try, I think one made it even darker..

    What would calibrating my displays do for me? I'm trying to make it render an image properly.

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    It won't solve your problem but will give you a good starting point to see you still have the detail in the blacks.

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