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Thread: Thinking of buying Vegas.

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    Default Thinking of buying Vegas.

    Hello Ladies&Gentlemen

    I'm starting youtube in January and need some software for the job.

    The main thing im looking for is the ability to make a picture in picture

    Can Sony Vegas Platinum 8 Do the job ?

    Thank you , Tommon

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    Yes, it will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Yes, it will.
    awesome , cheers

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    I think OP should consider buying a newer version. . . admitedly 20 looks attractive, but your filming (time and effort) isn't "free" - and newer software should run better and have extra features you'll wish you had. Get Production suite for the first purchase . . . it has additional stuff.... and should help.
    v 10 has PIP and v11 is about 40 (Amazon) - then for a little more there is v12 production suite. This has far animated text effects. These may help to grab the attention of YT viewers. v10 and before had relatively simple text.

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    While I too occasionally feel like wanting to argue (bad manners, I know, always better not to bust a blood vessel) with vidmanners, this time I fully agree with him. Get a newer version, preferably Movie Studio Platinum 12, maybe even the Suite. You'll want to do that soon enough anyway. It has 32-bit AND 64-bit versions now and like the man says, you find good offers already, even though it was released fairly recently. May have some bugs still, but I trust the new builds from SCS and 3rd party plugin vendors will fix most of them.
    Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite Product Comparisons
    Sony Creative Software - Movie Studio Release Notes
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    I can't disagree this that and I should probably recommended the newest version. BUT the question was will it do PiP and the answer is yes.

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    But check the cost of an old version plust the upgrade. this may work out cheaper than latest version straight off.

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