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Thread: DUBSTEP II by dgb1tch

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    Some feedback would be awesome!

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    I appreciate what you were going for with this edit but I think you took it a step too far. It's far to frantic. I suspect there may be some people who would like this but for me it doesn't work.

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    Thanks, there are many people who love edits like this and people who just hate edits like this.. It's a matter of taste ;D.. Just like the new CSS overedit that Hazard uploaded, many people liked it and some also didn't;D

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    I couldn't actually see what was happening. It might just as we'll have been a series of dulux colour charts. Nice animated logos.

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    Must've been because you don't play the game ;D, thanks.

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    You asked for feedback.
    What is the frame rate of this game on a device, such as an xbox? I suspect that the lowering of frame rate (for youtube) makes some of the faster cuts look very poor compared to the original game. And I suspect the clip cannot be broadcasted on TV, because of the flashing. Unhelpful, unless one wants only to be known for their YouTube clips.

    When making a video where scenes only last a few frames, you should pay more attention to the quality of the result. Simply different flashing images at the viewer is dull to watch. Afterall, anyone can do it. However, with care, those effects can be very pleasing; and I thought some of your cuts looked good.

    To gain a more wider and more appreciative audience, not knowing the game should not be an impediment to understanding at least some of the plot.
    You scored 36% on my BS guage (calculated as: the duration for credits&titles as a % of the total running time).

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    Thanks, I try to slow my clips down. But that doesn't fit to my style at all. The scenes that last a few frames were mainly only the transitions, where not really anything special was happening. Just how the model gets in to the frag location.

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