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Thread: Burning Wedding Video Issues

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    Default Burning Wedding Video Issues

    Hey folks,

    Im pretty new to all this so please accept my apologies if any of this has been explained before or is fairly straight forward to work out. I am using Movie Studio 12 platinum suite.

    I have recently finished editing my Brother in Laws wedding footage, which comes in at 1 hour 22 minutes. The footage is AVCHD 1080 24fps. I have rendered the video and exported it to DVD Architect, but when I go to burn it to disk it says that the image file is too big for the disk. I have tried DVD-R and DVD+RW (both 120mins 4.7gb) but it will not work. Im guessing I need to render the video into a different format but I dont really want to lose any of the image quality ( which I know will happen going from 1080 to DVD quality) as looking on here this seems to happen.

    Also I have noticed on a smaller film I recently did that the fimal DVD did not have the music that I had added to the footage, only the audio from the footage itself. They are on two seperate lined within the timeline, does this affect it at all?

    Any help would be gratefully received!

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    AVCHD 1080 24p is obviously a HD video format and DVD is a standard video format. You would have to burn it to a BluRay disk to keep that resolution. If you don't have a BluRay burner then render your video to mpeg2. There is a DVDA template in Vegas for you to use, so it should be straight forward.

    I've no idea why you lost your music !

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    Thanks Midnight Blue. I understand I will lose resolution from HD to DVD, looking bacl I should have worded it better. What I meant to say was what is the best format to burn to DVD and fit the video on to the DVD? I shall try the mpeg2 suggestion. Is that option included in the drop down box when I press make movie?

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    You have no choice. Mpeg2 is required by the DVD Video specification.

    You don't mention how you are trying to do this but I'm assuming you are rendering a file then importing that into DVD Architect Studio (which will then re-render to MPEG2)
    Far better to do the rendering in VMS -
    File | Render
    Render the video using the MainConcept MPEG2 DVD Architect (Studio?) Template (which will give you video only).
    Render the audio using the AC3 encoder (Dolby) - this produces a much smaller audio file than using the audio stream within the MPEG2.
    Give both files the same name (eg MyVideo.mpg & MyVideo.ac3)
    You'll need to fiddle with the bit rates on the video file to ensure the size of the resultant files together are smaller than 4.7GB.(The default settings will only produce around 1hour on one single layer DVD)

    Once they are, DVD Architect Studio will be able to make a DVD without any re-encoding.

    It's more work and fiddly at first, but this way you get control over the quality/size issue.

    Good luck.

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