Hi guys

I use Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. I usually add visual & audio beat/metronome to dance videos for aiding teaching. Then I create a version of the video which is "slowed-down". I select all clips, group them, then CTRL-drag-stretch to "time-stretch" them all equally. The two things I found annoying are:

1. my beat/metronome sound samples get slightly looped interference noise after a stretch. Visually in the editor I can't see the start, but during playback it sounds as the sound clip is fractionally looped. If I shorten the sound clip then it removes the loop interference noise. However I can't seem to group/batch this with the entire metronome track (only one by one and there's like 300 of them!!!). This bleeding/spilling loop interference noise, is this a bug?

2. When I time stretch, my markers stay static obviously because it's fixed to my ruler. My ruler is correctly set to the BPM of the music. It would be nice if there was a way to time stretch the ruler ASWELL. Nonetheless, I can manually reset the ruler to the "slowed-down" BPM music, but then I have to re-setup all my markers again. Is there an easier way to time-stretch the markers? I have so many.