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Thread: Video Splitter Software?

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    Question Video Splitter Software?

    Hey guys, i was wondering if you know of any video splitter software where you just open a video file and it splits the video into several videos automaticly according to how long you want the videos for example putting in that the video should be split into 30 minutes videos and then it does that automaticly, does that exist?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know of any software that will do this automatically. The nearest thing I can think of is VideoReDO. There may be a way to do this with scrips in Sony Vegas Pro but I don't know anything about scripts and Vegas Pro seems like a big over kill for what you seem to want.

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    If you're on a mac, download mpeg streamclip (it's a free transcoder) and put your video in and set the "in" and "out" points and export, do it again for the next thirty minutes, etc. Only way I can imagine you could do it.

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