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Thread: Zoom H4n XLR line level Inputs

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    Default Zoom H4n XLR line level Inputs

    Info required
    Does anyone know if you can feed the XLR on the H4n with a line level inputs as well as a Mic level.
    Is there a menu option for this or can the input levels be used ?I know the 1/4" jacks are line level, but wanted to feed a Line level mixer input to the XLR's.
    I have read the manual but can find nothing relevant. (I do not own a device yet)

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    I think the XLR inputs are mic level only. One way around this would be to get an XLR to 1/4" jack adaptor so you can plug into the 1/4" jack socket from your source.

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    Any help?

    The spec says:
    2 x XLR/TRS combo inputs (balanced, unbalanced)
    1 x 3.5mm mic input

    and the manual is here ZOOM

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    I read the specs and manual, but that just says what it says balanced -&+ and not balanced eg a Phono type output.

    I managed to get an answer from else where and it WILL NOT allow line level on the XLR they are MIC level only, you will need pads or use the Jack via adapters (XLR>>Jack)

    The H2 has a 3.5mm line input and that works well from headphone outputs from mixers
    and the MIC input will work well from two G2 Sehns radio mics.

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