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Thread: New Blue Video Essentials are in Vegas Pro??

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    Default New Blue Video Essentials are in Vegas Pro??

    Planning to upgrade my editing tools (currently Vegas Movie Studio 11 Platinum). Not sure if I invest on NewBlue´s Video Essentials packages (V and VI are interesting!! US$ 180,00 for both after coupon discount) or if I spend a bit more for Vegas Pro (US$ 300,00 for upgrade).


    1) Does Vegas Pro includes any (or all) the NewBlue´s Video Essentials (not the Titler) packages already? Or anything similar or even more powerful?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Yes there are some of the video essentials included in Vegas Pro. I don't think many of them are anything to write home about, if you understand that expression.

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    I believe those NB Video Essentials plugin FX come in the NB Starter Pack, originally included with VPro 11 & Titler Pro 1.0 bundle. Should be in VPro 12 bundle too.

    some Vegas users did take advantage of the Avid / NBFX VE 3 free 'leak' download with pleasure

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    I understand MB..... some are quite useless or, maybe, taste-doubtful....

    But I liked some effects included on the Essentials V and VI plugin packages. They are:

    Alpha Processor, Background Generator, Selective Color, Selective Focus, Selective Tint on Essentials V - Video Essentials V - Apply selective color, selective focus, a viewfinder and old TV effects to create quality videos. | NewBlueFX


    Color Replace, Cut Away, Picture Grid, Picture-in-Shape, Selective Touch Up, Tile on Essentials VI - Video Essentials VI - From Chroma Key Pro to Picture Grid, Video Essentials VI transforms your video clips with 10 all new plugins. | NewBlueFX

    On the links are mini-videos with the effects in use. If you don´t mind wasting a few minutes to check if these effects are available on PRO 12.... Cause the only doubt is buy plugins OR upgrade to PRO. Of course there are more questions/advantages involved on the upgrade, but the cost is also bigger.

    Already installed the trial-versions (they run smoothly are quite easy to use!!)....

    HI VKMAST, I don´know if they are the same effects as in the Starter Pack.... The Vegas bundles change every minute!! I was reading and comparing all of them now and some extras just disapeared from last week... :(

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    I meant the video essentials MB referred to. The bundles may change when the version changes. The special offers are another matter of course.

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