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    I recently finished doing the post production for this video.

    Please have look and let me know you thoughts.

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    Seems competent. Nothing really stood out either as inspirational or weak.
    It lacked shots, but that's not really your fault as editor.

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    I am interested to know what adjustments were made to the colour balance. On my monitor, everything looks a little too red.

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    Thanks a lot for the comments.
    I did a slight of cross-processing, but i thought it was alright. I tested it on a CRT as well as a LED screen, the CRT looked to have a bit more contrast than the LED, but i decided to go ahead with it anyway.

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    Thanks. I asked because I read a fastinating thread at , and shall shortly be able to play with product named 'Finesse 3' for a few days; so I am taking any opportunity to learn about colour correction beforehand.

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