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Thread: "Tuition Fees Hurt" - Students Demonstration in Lisbon

  1. Default "Tuition Fees Hurt" - Students Demonstration in Lisbon

    22nd of November, Lisbon, almost 2000 students united and protested in Lisbon against the new governmental policies that highly prejudice Higher Education.

    They claim:

    "1. The restitution of the students discount on public transportation;
    2. Fairer scholarship allocation and social action;
    3. More financing for the institutions of the Higher Education;
    4. The end of the consecutive raises on tuition fees"

    This was a challenging video to make, because the whole process took about 2 hours. I had to follow the demonstration the whole way, always running back and forth to cover most of the action without losing anything and spotting which sections of the croud were more active. When people stopped, I took some time to interview some of them.
    It was also particularly challenging because I did this all alone. I had someone holding the Tascam for me during the interviews, but I barely looked at the camera while recording, which meant a total disaster when one of the guys decided to take some steps without me noticing. I scaled the video in Adobe Premiere and tried to frame him differently, so it wouldn't look so bad. I think the end result wasn't that bad afterall, I managed to do something with it.

    Anyway, appart from that I'm really happy with what I've got! What do you guys think?

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    I think you made a pretty good job of this.

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    Very nice!! Interesting to see what "propina" means in Portugal.... Here it is not a good thing, meaning "bribe"....

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    This was an excellent selection of shots, edited together superbly, in my opinion.
    It was "better" than newsreel footage because it had been taken a way and had the audience balance properly. There was plenty of chanting in the background, but this was captured clearly - it was a protest chant rather than what we oftensee on the news which are overly aggressive protesters recorded with the gain too high which adds to the impression that they are an aggressive rabble.

    Similarly, the speakers were all recorded well and (as far a I can tell, I don't understand the language) speaking clearly and eloquently.

    So, you are to be congratulated on all of that. You create empathy with the protestors. We want to be on their "side". This is a deliverately biased film so there is no need to show the opposing arguments (although that could be useful if you wanted to conted them).

    Where it falls down for me is that whilst it argues quite well against government cutback in funding education it doesn't propose any alternative. Just saying "we need public investment" is not enough. My wife is always saying to me she needs more money. That's not going to make it happen. We need a plan to generate it. Your protesters need the same. (And if they do have one, then the film should show it)

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    Thank you all very much for your comments, I'm really glad to see you enjoyed it!

    TonyBR, I had no idea "propina" meant "bribe" in Brasil. Over here, as you can see, it's a tuition fee. Ironic, isn't it?

    Tim, thank you very much for the constructive criticism. I believe some of them have a plan, but it's true that most portuguese students (and people in general) like to complain and hope that something will change, without really knowing what could change. The protesters I interviewed though probably had some ideas, it was my mistake not to ask them specific ideas on how to change this situation. It was really well pointed out by you, I'll be more careful when interviewing people from now on, to make sure we get to the core of the situations and not just scratch the surface.

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