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Thread: Best software for editing sound on MP4/AVI files?

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    Default Best software for editing sound on MP4/AVI files?


    I have some footage where the audio is sometimes a little muffled and there is background hiss and hum that I'd like to get rid of. It's mostly sections of lectures and training related work stuff shot on my mobile phone. I would really like to be able to reduce the background hiss and improve the audio quality if I could. I would also like to be able to insert subtitles to the videos if possible.

    I have a Mac OS and a Windows 7 computer so either platform is fine. I am happy to pay if it gives me the results I want but I haven't got a clue where to start. Are programmes such as SONY Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 Platinum Suite - for PC Deals | Pcworld or AVID Studio Deals | Pcworld the kind of thing I should be looking at purchasing?


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    I would use imovie on your mac. It's free (it should already be installed on your mac) and it is actually capable of doing exactly what you want it to do. In fact it also has a built in audio condensor of sorts that takes away background noise and hisses. I don't see any reason for you to purchase software for what you need.

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    That has been suggested to me before. The thing is I just don't seem to be able to get anywhere with it. For some reason I find it quite an irritating piece of software. People tell me it's great for my needs but I just can't seem to get along with it. Perhaps I should persevere and give it another chance.

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    I have a feeling you will struggle with other editors if you can't get alone with imovie. imovie was the simplest editor I've ever used. It has a very friendly user interface. What exactly did you struggle with?

    Here is a video that should help you: How to: Subtitles iMovie 09 - YouTube

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    There was just something about the layout I disliked and I was dragging files into the area to create new project but they weren't being loaded into imovie. I'm sure it was just something silly that I wasn't doing right but I have a tendency to get frustrated and give up when things don't appear to do what I think they should be doing.

    Nice link thanks, although I haven't upgraded my Mac since Leopard so I'm still on iMovie 08. It's probably the same principles though. You have inspired me to persevere. I

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    Give youtube a search for subtitles in imovie 08, I'm sure there's a tutorial.

    Persevere, it'll keep you in good stead for when you do decide to upgrade to another editor. They all have slightly different userfaces, but function in the same way. Goodluck, post more questions if you have them.

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    Thanks for your help. I am on iMovie 08 as I speak and I can feel my temper rising already lol but like you say, if I can't get to grips with this then what hope do I have of getting to grips with the more difficult video editors. Thanks again.

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    Default Sound editing

    I am also using Imovies and it is perfect plus easy to use .

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