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Thread: Final Cut X or Premiere Pro??

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    Default Final Cut X or Premiere Pro??

    I have just started my journey with videography and editing. I have been using Final Cut X and I have been loving it. I have been working with shooting and editing for about a year now an see a lot of people talk about Premiere Pro. Through work I got a copy of Premiere Pro for free and I have opened it and it does have similar attributes at Final Cut X but for me does not look as nice and does seem a bit much for a youtube video maker like myself.

    My worry is that I have am enjoying working with video a lot and looking for your experience/knowledge if I should make the switch because I will get to a point where Final Cut X will not do what I am looking to do and Premiere Pro is quite a bit better with way more features or is the only difference Adobe vs Apple. I do not want to spend all my time getting to know Final Cut X and then wishing I spent more time with Premiere Pro.

    Thanks for your advice!!

    here is a video I did a couple days ago so you have an idea of what i am doing,

    Eclipse Festival 2012 - Gopro Hero 2 - YouTube
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    I used Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer, for years but I changed to FCPX when it first came out around a year and half ago. The updates to FCPX have been fast and as new features get added they are doing what they do really well and better than Premiere Pro does.

    I'll go though a few important points.

    The 2 main things an NLE should do is media management and basic cutting.

    Unarguably FCPX is light years ahead of Premiere, or any other NLE, in media management.

    When it comes to cutting I personally far prefer the FCPX timeline over the Premiere timeline and the cutting tools are better/faster than Premiere for sure. For keyboard junkies Avid Media Composer still has a dynamic trimming toolset that is unrivalled by any other NLE.

    At this early point in the FCPX evolution it very important to keep up to date with the latest updates, all made very easy through the App Store.
    Keyframe animation isn't complete in FCPX yet, it is workable but not ideal. I recon this will be in the next update.
    While large budget colour work is always best taken out to a dedicated colour application, FCPX has the best colour tools of any NLE for built in colour work.
    The FCPX - Resolve (free version available) workflow is excellent for larger budget colour work.

    It's great to know as many NLE's as possible but don't think Premiere is better because it looks more complicated and costs more.


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    It always amazes me how people have two extremely expensive editing programs and yet don't know a whole lot about them. I'm not saying anything specifically about this OP, but, this question comes up a lot. "I have final cut pro 7, final cut X, premiere pro and avid, they are all legal copies, which one should I learn on." I spent hours and hours reading about the different programs, watching hours of videos before I shelled out all the money I had for an editing program. But anyways, that's a little rant over.

    I used to use Premiere Pro when I had a pc. Then I got a mac and couldn't use my original premiere so had to then decide, buy premiere for mac or buy FC 7 or FCX. Was a tough decision because when FCX first come out, it was an insult to most professional editors. But, I think it's turned the corner now. But something else that really had to be thought about, for me anyway, was the use of other adobe products. I use after effects, illustrator and photoshop A LOT for what I do. However, I really did like FCX more. Was an extremely tough decision but ended up buying FCX because it had the most potential and it had such a good user interface. Took me a few weeks to get used to it and I'm glad it did. I still wish it integrated into adobe products like PP does, but, i'm happy to do the work around it requires.

    OP, if you're comfortable with FCX, there really is no reason to change. PP is maybe more professional looking, but it produces the same quality that FCX can produce.

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    Hi to anybody with advice on this;

    Does anyone know how to operate adobe premiere 6.5 on a mac g4. I am half way through a massive project using dv500 pinnacle which is now broken and need to use the mac which i have the adobe 6.5 software for however cannot input/output any video signals or get the 1tb project hard drive to "talk to" the mac via usb. Pleas can anyone HELP ! ! !

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    Unfortunately you won't be able to get the hdd to talk to your mac. There are different formats for external hdds. Mac and windows don't talk well to each other with big harddrives like that.

    As for PP, I'm pretty sure it won't open your pinacle project. So, your best bet is recapturing the footage on the mac from your camera.

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    Great response David, thanks!! I am very happy with Final Cut X but I keep seeing it getting bagged on. I am going to stick with it!!

    Guitarboy "It always amazes me how people" don't read before posting. I am new to all of this, I bought Final Cut X because I needed to start somewhere and got PP for FREE. This is why I am asking this question. I know you OP'ed me but odd rant.

    johnsonuniversal - WTF Mate?? LOL make you own forum post troll.

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