Hello there! I have an issue and i would like your help..
I recently changed windows from xp to 7 (64bit) and the same time changed studio 12 to 15. When i used xp+12 i had no problem playing my creations on the xbox360. Now with 7+15 the xbox360 does play the dvd, but the menu won't work (I mean you can''t choose sth from the menu, it freezes).. The DVD plays on the PC, i haven't checked it yet to see if it plays on a DVD player too.. Any idea why this is happening? I have been so confused.. I don't know what else to do! Nothing seems to make the DVD work. Could different settings solve this problem and if so what settings should i have? I even switched back to Pinnacle Studio 12, which I knew worked just fine (at least with windows xp) and now 12 won't work too!!! :'( So i figure it has to do with Windows 7! Are there any drivers or fixes or patches i should install in order to make the program work correctly with Windows 7 when creating DVD??
Desperately waiting for a solution.... :-(