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Thread: The Switch - Vegas 5 to Vegas 6

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    Default The Switch - Vegas 5 to Vegas 6

    So I'm currently working on a project on Vegas 5 and I'm hesitant about getting 6 due to some problems I've heard about the upgrade. Is the switch recommended or are there compatability problems if I were to open my project using vegas 6. I really want to use the surround 5.1 feature in the new vegas on my old project. Can I get your opinions, and problems if you've encountered any. thanks

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    It's generally recommended to finish existing projects before upgrading any video editing software. Importing projects from previous versions can produce unforseen errors and are generally not supported.

    I would advise you finish your project first.

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    I had issues with projects during thew switch. I had finished them but decided to see what would happen and it can go pear shaped so, like the advise above, finish your projects, then switch.

    Having said that, they do instal seperately so vegas 5 and 6 can be installed and run independantly on the same computer.

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    hey thanks for the info i'll just stick with 5 then. About adding 5.1 surround how do I do that using vegas 5?

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    change it in project properties under the "file" drop down menu

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