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Thread: Movie Studio Platinum 12 stretches imported images

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    Default Movie Studio Platinum 12 stretches imported images

    This drove me nuts for days and I mention it here in case it helps someone else. If you import a portrait/square/non-standard aspect ratio image into a 16x9 movie then MSP12 just imports it as you would expect and you get 'black bars' at the sides. Import a 4x3 image though and it will get stretched to fill the whole 16x9. For no reason. I finally discovered that a 4x3 image has its pixel aspect ratio changed to 1.3333 on import, and changing this back to 1 fixes the issue. There's obviously a setting somewhere that thinks it's clever recognising 4x3 and stretching it to 16x9, but really, that's not clever.

    There's a project setting called 'Adjust source media to better match project or render settings' but this seems to have no effect.

    If you're importing a bunch of images for a slideshow and many of them are 4x3 landscape, you have to change every one of them back to 1:1 pixel aspect ratio before you can go to work. Seems like a major bug. I raised it with Sony support but they seem to have taken a vow of silence.

    If anyone knows the secret setting, I'm all ears!!

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    Hi scoobie,

    Thanks for giving us the answer.... makes it seem much easier.

    ++glad to read there are no other issues....MSP is quite a daunting program (yet excellent value!), and I've never had that issue, as my stills are taken on the same camera at 16:9
    That Pixel-fiddle should be under File/Project settings and once set should treat similar imports the same . . . . there may be a check-box that says "use these settings for all projetcs"...or similar.

    Furthermore, there is a facility to import a whole batch of still frames - you'll have to search but it treats the frames as though they were frames of a movie - this is to save time*, but you may need to have all your desired pics in a continuous copy inside one "Project_Stills" file....even if some numbers are not present......

    Don't be surprised if Sony takes a while, many folks have fixed their problem by the time their turn comes . . . . if this is an issue new to v12 that will shorten the wait; but I suspect it's just a "feature" - after all, most user-defined settings have a default and who's to say which is right for everyone?
    (...It would be nice if the program could walk us through those defaults, explaining how changes will affect things...)
    +I even wonder if that stretch is something to do with the compressed images which occur in some 3D frames?

    * It's possible it for some frame-animation feature, too.
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    would this help in future importing
    From MSP 12 Help: Viewing or Changing Media File Properties
    The application will try to detect the properties of your media files automatically, in most cases, you will not need to edit file properties.
    If you frequently need to edit the settings for a type of video file, click the Save settings to video profiles for future auto-detection button (floppy disk) after editing the settings on the Properties dialog.
    The new settings are used whenever a file of that type is detected.

    You might download the VegasPRO 11 manual and read "Setting custom stream properties" for more on this.
    This does seem to be some kind of a bug with certain types of files. Some discussion here
    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Pro - Video Messages
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