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Thread: Latest on the Music Video I'm making

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    Hey guys,

    Much apologies for being a total stranger here recently, I've finally got the last of the filming done and am now editing.

    My last post, here, concerned the first shoot, and I was mostly concerned with the green screen footage.

    The second shoot was all about finishing the band's performance footage, and its this that I've now completed editing;

    Here is the band performance element of the video, plus there are a couple of filters and a light ray effect thrown on in a hurry - this is just a rough edit, and when the final version with the extra footage is complete, this footage may end up looking different again, but for now I thought I'd upload this, purely because I'm pretty happy with it - it has already surpassed my previous video making attempt by miles in its own right!

    And you can also read the blog post relating to it here;

    Crash and Burn! Life as an Amateur Filmmaker.: First Look at Part of the New Video

    Hope you guys like it


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    I liked the cutting. I thought it was way to heavy on the light rays. It will be interesting to see what the final piece looks like.

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    Brilliant, - but watch those cutaway shots of the player (eg at 30s), can't see what he's doing exactly. (Those clips might benefit from being darker, or add colour filter as well.).

    I guess the light-effects are down to personal taste, too.

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    I've replied on another forum

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    looked good -- sounded good -- i'd lose the "light ray"

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