PC specs:
P4 3.4Ghz, 1Gig DDR2, Radeon RX600 Pro-guru, 1.5TB of HD space
Windows XP + SP2
Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3

Hope someone can help me with the following..

Been trying to capture footage of a VCR using the MovieBox deluxe
and pinnacle studio 9.4. It allows me to capture in NTSC using AVI format
(in 'good' quality) But it goes out of Sync very quickly (because i think its ment to be PAL)
i cant set the quality to best, or MPEG, otherwise it will show like a double image,
starting like half way down the screen, flickering.

When i choose to capture in PAL, the preview is no longer there, as if its not picking up the signal from the movide box anymore, and hence cant capture at all.

1) how do i get the preview/capture to show in PAL?

2) Can i use ANY other software to capture via the MovieBox deluxe?
because i installed Ulead VideoStudio 9 and Vega 6.0 and even Adobe premiere 1.5 and tried microsoft movie maker.. None seem to pick up the movie box, do i need extra drivers? or is it a no go area.

3) Another possible solution i could keep capturing in NTSC mode, but how do i fix the sync problem which gets
longer and longer as it captures, Rendering to PAL and mpeg afterwards, didnt solve it.

Hours and hours Frustration!. yikes. Any possible ideas, are welcome.