Hi guys, new here so apologies if I'm being a numpty.

A university society I like to help out has cause to livestream some of its events. I'm thinking this is easy enough to set up using some webcams and camtwist to stuff it all into a youtube hangout for instant livestreamy goodness. The problem I'm seeing is that webcams probably have issues focusing on things that are far away and even if they do they'd probably have pretty shocking footage out the other end. So my question is if there's a better way round it.

One option I'd been looking at was a Contour+ 2 which I can finagle for a little over 200, so I could add a black magic intensity shuttle for USB 3 for about 120 and be up and running for under 350, which is the same price as one of those newfangled gopro hero 3s but that doesn't come with a way of livestreaming that I know of so I'd still be looking at the black magic on top.

So what are my options? Are there any webcams that could capture a lecture theatre with pretty standard lighting (which is what I'm planning for)? Would the countour do the job better? Is there a better setup I should be looking at for similar money? Is there a better forum I should be asking?

I've already got sound covered btw, so we'll assume that's a non issue. The key thing here is decent video that I'll be able to throw into a public google hangout on my macbook what has USB 3.

Thank you.

PS: The reason I don't mind upping the price so much for the contour is more that the black magic seems like a handy investment anyway