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    Whilst away from home I would like to edit MTS files from my Panasonic SD900 on my iPad (first series), connected via camcorder or SD card. Is it possible to do this, if so what is recommended?


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    As far a I know an iPad doesn't have any plug holes to plug things in. I'm sure you could use the iPad to film and then edit that footage.

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    My suspicion is that your experience will be a very brief and unhappy one, however if you want to try it, here are my two cents:
    - the iPad has a USB port (just remove the end of the power cord and you will see it); you need to upload your movies to a computer (perhaps in that little Internet cafe in Novyi Svit where you are planning to holiday) and download them to your iPad
    - you'll need an app that supports editing of your MTS files (I'm not sure that iMovie will do it but you can probably check online); you could use that PC I was talking about to convert your files to some format that the iPad will accept
    - the first gen iPad isn't very powerful so editing will likely be painful

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    id be grateful for any info on this too.
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    Thank you Midnight Blue and Zam for your replies, point taken about power of first gen iPad. I have connected my camcorder to the iPad using Apple's USB adaptor but the MTS files are not recognised. Just out of curiosity I have installed a few free video editing apps but these don't recognise the files either. My solution now is to take my laptop on holiday rather than the iPad if I want to edit video. Internet cafes are not always available and opening times not always convenient, good idea though.

    Might not be a bad idea to leave technology at home and just enjoy the holiday.


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