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Thread: New videos.....are they ok for what they are?

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    Default New videos.....are they ok for what they are?

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    One video per thread please.
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    Whilst the clip contains useful advice for anyone being attacked by a cardboard box, I am not sure I understood what was being demonstrated.

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    Some of your captions make no sense whatsoever (eg 0:50). What is the point of spending time on laying out captions if yo don't spend a few seconds ensuring the text actually makes sense?

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    I suppose it might serve as a warning as to how you might end up if you can't make friends or lack the social skills to get a girlfriend but, from a videomaking point of view, it's very boring.

    Shot of teenager with a gun, followed by a shot of a teenager with a gun followed by... Zzzzz....

    Have a go at learning about composition, then you might avoid having the post growing out of the kid's head. The sound is awful, presumably made with the inbuilt microphone. Sorry, it's just not a good video.

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    First off, you ask if the video is ok for what it is. I'd like to know what it is first, so I take it you should explain either in your post, ideally in your video what it is about.

    if it is about the guns (I'm guessing), well, then show the guns, close up shots, studio shots, manufacturer blueprints etc... whatever helps you describing the object in question. then show a short scene of the object in actual use. Go for more "usage" scenes only if something relevant happens in said scenes.

    as said above, also work on your composition, make beautiful images or don't make images at all (it can be learned, basic rules, easy to understand, it will make the world of a difference, just check out filming/cinematography tutorials on youtube, it's more than enough to get you started)

    and never, ever use this music again

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    Congratulations !
    I love it !

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    It didn't really engage me. Perhaps have someone actually addressing the camera explaining what is happening rather than just shooting and the like. For example a very popular channel on youtube, FPSRussia is basically the same (a guy shooting guns) but it's fun to watch.

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    What is it with Americans and their obsession with guns ffs.

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