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    Default Nikon D4

    I have just bought myself a Nikon D4 and would like to do a lot of video work with it.
    Has anyone else used one yet ?

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    Great camera. I haven't used one but it's similar to the D800 which I have. I'm sure you'll get some great shots with it. Now all you have to do is get some glass that can do it justice.
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    If you're mainly a photographer, why not, but if you plan to be serious with video and not so much with photography, I'd consider to go with the standard in DSLR filming. We're using a D800 along with my EOS 600D which seems fine (it's no my D800 so I didn't get the chance to play with it myself for that long), but the general consensus seems to be that canon could be more "video friendly" than nikon.

    my honest opinion, it's good enough to do whatever you want to do with it, as far as filming goes, from the family reunion up to a real movie. But so are most cameras from 500€ and up, including DSLRs.

    If you feel, as a photographer, that the D4 is what you need, then you should go for it. I don't know how it films, I only know about the D800 which seems to be good enough, and then some more. If you mostly want to film, I'd still have a look at those 5D MKII and MKIII, you can probably found reviews or even cross reviews on these.

    Ultimately, the lenses are still much more important than the camera IMO, my deciding factor would be whether or not I plan to do serious photography with it, in which case I'd probably go for Nikon. if your main plan is to film, I believe Canon has much, and probably more to offer, just considering alternate firmwares such as Magic Lantern, the user community etc...

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    HERE is a great video from a Pro Nikon D4 user.

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    Great channel, but I was expecting and actual video or film, filmed with a D4.
    But in the end, as said above, the equipment has some importance to some levels, but not the most important ones. If all the D800/D4/5DII/III users had talent, it'll be hollywood everywhere.

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    And what a world that would be.

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    I've watched a whole course yesterday right after I replied, that is GREAT stuff there, it's long (most courses are longer than an actual full length movie), but it's really great and fairly in depth. I've watched one about photography and style, that can also apply to filming (those are different yet similar in many ways)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    HERE is a great video from a Pro Nikon D4 user.
    Thanks for posting this - A very watchable video by 'Moose' - Love the iPad app that allows remote shoots on the D4 - Very cool!
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