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Thread: Best Canon camcorders?

  1. Default Best Canon camcorders?

    Doing some research for the best Canon camcorder to use for weddings. I was perusing the Canon website and looked at some of these.

    Canon Direct Store - Consumer Camcorders


    Vixia HF R200, R21, R20, M40, M41. G10, R100, S30
    FS 300
    ZR 960
    HV 40
    FS 40
    FS 400

    Any suggestions on any of these or what may be the best camcorder to start with for weddings? I'm a novice and want to start with just the basics, work to amateur, and then hopefully pro. What would be the best to start and perhaps end with? I know this is vague, as technology is always changing by the second, but I'm just trying to get a sense of where to start first.

    Thanks for any help!

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    You can choose either Canon, Sony,and even JVC, because they are the best camcorder brands today.
    In choosing the Best you see the item if it's durable, stylish and cheap!

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    Is this a hobby thing/friends wedding/or a future career?

    If the latter then you must be prepared to learn the trade . . and getting a camcorder first is unlikely to be the best route.
    Start slowly, learn from experts, act as assistant you will learn about lighting, camera work and managing people as well as clients. However, it could take a while - only then spend money on a camcorder which (for now) will be too complicated.

    You mighht add to the above Audio and Editing . . . that's more than enough to be starting with.

    Oh, and good luck.

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    Hi there. The video cameras you are listing aren't exactly what I would recommend as cameras to shoot weddings with a view to becoming pro. Most of these are what I would class as consumer cameras, the kind of stuff your uncle bob would use to make a video of a wedding.

    if you want to start shooting weddings as a pro, in other words have people pay for your service, then you really need something better than the camcorders you list. Don't get me wrong a lot of these will do a good job and have a decent enough output, but not to a professional level.

    I'm also curious why you would only limit yourself to Canon? I would at least include Sony and panasonic as well as they have some pretty good cameras for this kind of work. the prices of the camcorders you list in the second link also vary quite a bit in budget, so I wonder what it is you are after.

    can you elaborate a bit more as to what your budget is and what you plan to offer to people?

    My advise if you really want to be serious about being a wedding videographer is to go to a couple of wedding and see what the hired videographers are using and how they are filming. You could always show some initiative, ask for their card and contact them at a later date to see if they want to talk to you about what gear they use, how they work, what is involved in shooting a wedding. You'll be surprised that there is a lot more to it than just the choice of camera.

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